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AMP - Atlantic Motorsport Park Bike Race


2008 Edition has been canceled...... 


BNS Road Race Series event #1
Sunday May 4, 2008 at Atlantic Motorsport Park, Shubenacadie, NS
Spring Criterium Racing on a Closed Road Course
Kids Criterium

Atlantic Motorsport Park is an 11 corner, 2.5 km closed road course with some short, sharp elevation changes that has been the home of motorcycle, formula car and sports car racing since the mid ‘70’s. And now, brought to you by the Cyclesmith Cycling Club, it’s time for the bicycles again:


Registration 9:00am - 12:30pm (Ensure you are registered 1hr before the start of your race)

BNS/CCA race licenses required. Single Event Licenses will be available.

Cost: Free for 11:55 Kids race, $15.00 for Junior and below; $25.00 for all the rest.


10:00 AM
1 start/2 finishes 
10:00 AM
2nd finish
10:50 AM
12:10 PM
12:30 PM
1:45 PM
25 min + 1 lap
 40 minutes + 1 lap
60 min + 2 laps
10min + 1 lap
60 min + 2 laps
90 min + 2 laps
Novice M/F

Under 17 M/F

Under 15 M/F

Junior Male
Junior Female
Senior Female
Master B/C
 Kids race
U13 / U8 M/F

Masters A

Senior 4 Male

Senior 2/3 Male


  • Atlantic Motorsport Park is located approx. 60km north of Halifax, via Highway 102
  • Take Exit 10 off Highway 102, and head into Shubenacadie (2.3km)
  • At the stop sign, turn hard right onto West Indian Road (watch for the sign: Indian Brook / Mill Village / McPhee's Corner).
  • Drive 2.6km, bear right (sign: Motorsport Park).
  • Drive 2km, turn right (sign: North Salem / Atlantic Motorsport Park).
  • After 2.6km, the road will change to gravel. Drive on gravel road for another 2.2km.
  • Turn (sign: Atlantic Motorsport Park).
  • Follow this road (1.2km) until you reach Atlantic Motorsport Park

Race Rules

All BNS/CCA/UCI road racing rules will apply, with the addition of the below regulations.

The commissaire will decide the punishment for the infraction, which could include disqualification.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times while riding your bike, no exceptions.(Helmet not required when riding your trainer/rollers)

  • No riding on the track while race is in progress

  • Only ride in one direction when on the track, clockwise.

  • There is no feed during the race

  • Do not litter, if caught littering, automatic DSQ will occur. This includes during the race including such things as energy bar/gel wrappers, banana peels, etc. Please use the garbage bins. Respect the land owners.

  • Once your race is over, you will have one cool down lap, then you must exit through the pit lane, anyone crossing the finish line after the end of their race will be DSQ.

  • If you want to toss a bottle from your bike during your race, there will be a dedicated area for this located just before the Start/Finish area on the infield of the track, near the wheel pit.

  • Washroom facilities must be used for your toilet needs, no exceptions!!

  • There will be no warm up on the track before your race. (except for the one lap to get from the race pits to the start/finish line)

  • Please be at the staging area 5-10 minutes before the start time of your race.

  • There will be a “wheel pit area” in case a participant has a technical failure. It will be located next to the Start/Finish area. (You need to put in a wheel if you want to get a spare wheel.) If you get a technical, that has been verified by the race officials, a free lap will be given up to the last 3 laps of the race. If you get a technical, you must get back to the pit area as fast as possible, cutting across the infield is allowed. You can’t go against the direction of the race. Catch on to the pack the next time it comes around.

  • Lapped riders will be pulled from the race. Riders may be pulled just prior to being lapped as determined by the race officials. When being pulled from the course you will exit the course through the pit area.