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Short Track MTB Racing

The 2017 Short track series will again be held at Africville Look Off Park, every Tuesday from May 21st - July 25th  2017 (weather permitting)

Not sure if your child will like the series? Try out a race for a $10 drop in fee!  If they like it, you can pay the difference and entire the entire series, if its not their thing, leave with a number plate, and try again next year.

What is Short Track?

Short track is spectator friendly mountain bike racing. We have a great loop at Africville Lookoff Park at the top of the Halifax Peninsula. Try out Mountain Bike cross country racing right in the city. Races are 20 minutes to 30 minutes long and everyone is welcome.

  • Fast and Furious MTB races!
  • Great for kids and speed demons alike.
  • Rider friendly courses.
  • Kick/balance bikes, 12", 16", 20", 24" wheels all work great on the course, and any bike in safe working order will do!

Check out this promo video on Shorttrack and the Junior Race Team


Africville Lookoff Park - Upper Portion at end of Novalea Drive, overlooking the MacKay Bridge
Closest car parking is on Kencrest Ave and Ridge Road at the end of Novalea Drive

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Notes for Participants

New for 2017 - chip timing for U13, U15 and 15+ categories.  This will allow us to have more accurate and precise timing.  It will also offer us live result traking during the race, for those who can't watch the event live, they can online!

  • Recommend you have a bottle of water for the racers
  • Don't forget that there are draw prizes at the end of each race
  • Be careful for the adult race taking place when leaving the park. The race courses will often cross walking paths.
  • Remember that the HRM Wet Weather Field Restrictions apply to our event, thus check the website if it's a rainy day
  • We will have an easier inner loop for the Under 8 and Under 10 aged racers that will avoid the harder sections at the next race. They still start with the Under 13 and Under 15 at 6:30pm.
  • We would like to post pictures of the young racers competing at Short Track on the Cyclesmith website. There will be a sheet at the registration table for parents to sign for those that are happy to give permission to do so.
  • Don't forget to bring your plates to each race!
  • For thsoe timed categoreis - please ensure you get your chip before your start time, put it on, and after the race, return it to the race organizers.  

Fees & Registration

Entry fee is $45 for any age, any ability and covers every race. We keep it simple, one fee. The earlier you register, then more races you can enjoy!

Catagories for 2017:

Under 8 (boys/girls) max 100 participants (combined with U10)

Under 10 (boys/girls) max 100 participants (combined with U8)

Under 13 (boys/girls) max 40 participants

Under 15 (boys/girls) max 40 participants

Adult 15yo+ (boys/girls) max 100 participants

Please note there is a cap this year on registartion due to the limitation of course size, and our concern for safety of the participants.

Online registration only.

Note sure if you child will like the series - test the waters.  There is a one time only, one event only drop in fee for all youth categories(u8/10/13/15) of $10 - which is credited toward the series fee if the youth likes the event and wants to particpate again.


Start times

Race 1 (starts 6:30 pm),  20 minutes plus one lap

  •  Under 15: 13 and 14 years old
  •  Under 13: 12, 10, and 11 years old
  •  Under 10:  8 and 9 years old
  •  Under 8: 5, 6, and 7 years old

Race 2 (7:15pm) - Approx. 30 minutes plus one lap

  • Adult:  15+ years old

* Note: The age is a good guideline for categories, but kids all develope at different ages, and you can certainly move your child up an age catagory at anytime during the series.  Please let the volunteers know before the event so they can change the category

Weather Cancellation

We don't ride in the park when the ground is likely to be churned up into mud.  If its raining, or has rained alot in the past 12 hours, please check if the event is a go.  The decision is typically made by 3pm the day of the event

If in doubt we do follow the Halifax Field Conditons 

Check here or our FaceBook page for updates if the weather is questionable.

2017 results

Our new Chip Timing by Zone 4 allows reults to be put up instantly on the Zone 4 website - check the results 

Race #1

Race #2

Race #3

Race #4

Race #5

Race #6

2016 Results

Check the tabs of the races below for results of the days we raced. We don't ride when really rainy and the park is likely to be churned up into mud. If weather is questionable, please check the facebook page, or call the shop for details.