Cyclesmith now located at 2553 Agricola Street


repairs big or small, we do it all!

At Cyclesmith, we can fix your flat tire and have you back "on the road" in under 30 minutes, for about $20 - tube included. Just drop by; it might only take 5 minutes!

We also offer free air outside our store 24/7 - The Schraeder chuck is set to 65psi. If you need a presta adapter or more than 65psi, then come on in.

For tune-ups and repairs, Cyclesmith provides a variety of repair options to make sure your bike works the way it was meant to. Whether you need a wheel trued, gears adjusted, or you just pulled your bike out of the garage, we are here to help.

Tune ups and Overhaul Packages

Maintenance packages 

1: Ogilvie

(Tune Up 1)

2: Needham

(Tune Up 2)

3: Fleming

(Drive train)

4: Redoubt


5: Citadel

(Major Overhaul)

Adjust hubs


Overhaul hubs *





Adjust bottom bracket


Overhaul bottom bracket*





Adjust headset


Overhaul headset*





True wheels laterally



True wheels (lateral and radial), tension and dish




Lightly clean and lubricate drivetrain

Thoroughly clean and lubricate drivetrain (cranks, chain, cassette)



Lightly clean bike, inspect frame and fork

Polish/wax bike frame





Remove derailleur cables, inspect inner wires and housing, lubricate


Remove brake cables, inspect inner wires and housing, lubricate



Adjust derailleurs, align derailleur hanger

Disassemble and clean derailleurs



Check tires for wear and damage, correct mounting and inflation

Adjust brakes, resurface pads and rims if necessary

Install accessories

Perform complete safety inspection, torque all bolts to spec












* Includes fresh grease and New Ball Bearings in cup and cone style headset, hubs or BB

Our Maintenance Packages are named after Five Forts in Halifax. 1-Fort_Ogilvie 2-Fort Needham 3-Fleming Park 4-York Redoubt 5-Halifax Citadel

About our Repairs

The labour charges listed above do not include any parts which may be necessary to complete your bike's maintenance. When your bike is dropped off, a service writer will perform a check-over of your bike, and inform you of any possible parts that may need to be replaced. Should an issue come up during the maintenance process, you will be contacted regarding any possible increase in cost.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, call or use this form. You may need to drop by with the bike in any case, so we can assess the repair properly, especially during the spring/summer when our technicians are quite busy.

Turnaround Time

Walk-Ins Are Welcome: You may drop your bike off at our service counter at any time, and we will book it with a technician for the next available spot.

We strive to get our customers back in the saddle ASAP. If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we'll let you know when to stop by to pick it up. In April and May, we have six mechanics and must schedule repairs and Tune Ups. Outside of these two months, we may be able to offer same-day turnaround for small jobs dropped off in the morning, and usually by the end of the next business day for most bigger jobs. All we ask is that bikes be picked up in a timely fashion to allow others space in the shop.

Drop us a line if you have a question or call us - 902-425-1756.

Additional Work with Above Tune-ups

the following services may be added at the time of the service to the above labour packages, if not already included.

  • install shift cable & housing install: $10-15/ea. (parts included)
  • install brake cable & housing install: $10-15/ea. (parts included)
  • install brake pads (rim brakes only): $10-20/pair (parts included)
  • install tube: $10/ea. (parts included)
  • install chain & cassette/freewheel: $20 (parts extra)
  • install general parts (brakes, derailleurs, etc): $10/ea. (parts extra)
  • install frame parts (BB, headset): $15/ea. (parts extra)

Services and Rates

Cyclesmith 30 day New bike check-up and tune Free
Cyclesmith Work on Warranty Free
Minimum Labour Charge $8
Install New Tire/Tube $ 8
Install New Tube On Coaster Brake or Internal Hub $20
Install Tubular Tire (Glue extra) $40
True Wheel $15-$25
Install Spoke & True $25
Build New Wheel $55
Install New Front Wheel includes Tire Install $15
Install New Rear Wheel Includes Cassette or Freewheel & Tire Installation $20
Tubeless Conversion (Each Wheel, includes valve, rim strip & sealant) $60
Adjust Front Hub $ 6
Adjust Rear Hub $12
Overhaul Hub* (Replace Bearings, Hub Axle or Freehub Body) $20 Fr, $25 Rr
Overhaul Coaster Brake or 3 Speed Hub* $50
Adjust Brakes (includes labour to replace pads) $10-$20
Bleed Disk Brakes $25 ea
Road Shifters Install (pair) $45
Mountain Shifters Install (Pair) $34
Adjust Gears $36
Install / Replace Chain $ 8
Adjust bottom bracket $10
Re-Pack bottom bracket (Seized parts extra or other issues) $30
Install Bottom bracket (cartridge, includes removal of old BB) $25
Adjust Headset $7
Overhaul Headset* $24
Install Headset $35
Face & Ream Headtube $18
     Click to read more about fork service
Install Fork $35
Overhaul Suspension Fork $70
Oil Change for Air Oil Open Bath Fork, if overhaul not needed $50 ea
Cut Fork Steerer Tube $10
Thread Fork Steerer Tube $ hourly
Align Fork Ends or Frame Dropouts $30
Install Computer $10
Install Computer with Cadence $15
Install Computer with Power Sensor (Garmin, Etc.) $35
Install Rack $15
Install Clip-on Fenders $10
Install Full-wrap Fenders $20
Install Kickstand $ 6
Install Training Wheels $15
Install Road Bike Handlebar & Wrap Handlebars $30
Shorten (Cut) Handlebars $15
Install Grips $ 6
Install Handlebar Wrap $15
Install Bar Ends $ 8
Install Mirror $ 6
Install Lights $ 6
Install Seatpost & Saddle $ 5
Shorten (Cut) Seatpost $ 8
Install Pump $ 5
Install Lock $ 7
Install Pedals $ 6
Install Toe Clips & Straps $15
Install Pedal Cleats $10
Bike Storage - Starts 1 Week After Repair Completion $2/Day
Assemble Shipped Bike $50
Assemble New Bike $95
Assemble Kit Bike $200
Swap Frames $150
Rebuild Suspension Frame Pivots $90
Check Frame Alignment $25 - $50
Pack Bike For Shipping $50

Custom Work and Advanced Service

Advanced level work is performed on a case by case basis at an hourly rate of $60. This allows us to provide our customers with accurate and honest pricing based on the actual amount of time invested in servicing their bike. Examples of work that would be charged at this rate would be projects, overhauls, restorations, problem solving, custom work, and fabrication (less the cost of materials).

We also specialize in suspension and hydraulic service, such as brake bleeding, pivot replacement, or damper overhauls. We encourage proper hydraulic maintenance; it will keep your bike running smooth and safely over a prolonged period of time, and save you expensive future repair costs!

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. And every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year. So, whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

Wheel Building

We love building wheels, and with thousands of wheelsets worth of experience, we're pretty good at it too! Come in for a consultation and see how we can tailor a wheelset to your specific needs at a lower price, and at less weight than the prebuilt competition!

Wheel builds are done at a flat rate of $55 each, but if all the components (hub, spokes, rim) are purchased in-house, we'll build them for half price!