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Repair Courses

Cyclesmith’s mechanics offer Basic and Advanced bicycle repair courses to supplement your cycling knowledge. Dwayne and Josh are experts in repairing and maintaining bicycles. You'll learn the best ways to care for and fix problems on your road and mountain bikes using pro tools and procedures.

Basic Bike Repair Course

The Basic Clinic familiarizes you with the base knowledge a cyclist requires, such as flat tire repairs and trailside adjustment. As preventative maintenance is essential, the student learns to competently diagnose their bicycle and gain better insight into how a bicycle works. The course takes one evening, approximately 3 hours. There is a minumum 5 people and a maximum of 8 per course and one instructor.  The basic clinic includes:

  • Workspace setup
  • Tools and lubrication
  • Wheels, tires and tubes
  • Brakes and cables
  • Derailleur adjustment

Course fee: $35 

Advanced Bike Repair Course

The Advanced Clinic is a complete bicycle overhaul. Bearing systems, wheel truing and brake and derailleur adjustments are the major items covered. Each course is limited to 3 participants and is conducted over two days and approximately 9 hours of instruction.  There is a 1-3 instructor to student ratio. The advanced clinic includes the above topics, as well as:

  • Hands-on wheel truing
  • Bearing service and adjustment (headset, bottom bracket and hubs)
  • Hands-on brake adjustments (pads and cables)
  • Derailleur adjustments (cable, indexing, limits and shifters)
  • Stem, bar and seatpost adjustment

Course fee: $165


Basic - Jan 23rd, Feb 13th, Feb 27th Advanced - Feb 5th/6th, Feb 19th/20th

Sign up options

Our sales staff can assist you in choosing which clinic is right for you. Drop by or call Dwayne 902-425-1756 and we will put your name on the list. You may email Dwayne as well, if you prefer.

We encourage prepayment to reserve your spot - either in person, or with your credit card over the phone.

We will call to confirm places before the course starts.