Grand opening of the new Cyclesmith location at 2553 Agricola Street


Feature Items

  • Shimano Deore XT 9-Speed Cassette

    Reliable, perfect shifting awaits with Shimano's Deore XT 9-Speed Cassette. It features chrome-plated steel sprockets mounted to a aluminum carrier for an ideal blend of… [more]

  • GU GU Energy Gel

    GU Energy Gel keeps you on top of your game. These great-tasting gel packs thwart physical and mental fatigue and aid in recovery after any workout. Plus, the… [more]

  • Nova Scotia Provincial Jersey

    The ever popular Nova Scotia jersey, redesigned by Garneau for 2011, using a raglan semi-fit, invisible 3/4 zip and Micro Airdry fabric offering great moisture transfer… [more]

  • Blackburn Camber CF Cage

    Blackburn's featherweight Camber CF Cage is crafted of superlight and incredibly strong carbon. It has reinforcing side ribs that boost stiffness and grip so you won't… [more]

  • Vittoria Corsa Evo CX Tubular

    Built to handle the demands of pro road racing, Vittoria's Corsa Evo CX Tubular has a light, superb ride you'll love. It sports a handmade 320-thread-per-inch casing for… [more]

  • Vittoria Rubino Pro-Slick (26-Inch)

    If you want to turn your mountain bike into a road rocket, your tire has arrived. Sporting a tough 120-thread-per-inch nylon casing and Vittoria's Twin Tread technology,… [more]



Short Track Mountain Bike Racing

short track poster

Come join us every Tuesday night in May, June, and July at Africville Park. Follow this link for all the details and for registration.

Trek Safety Recall Notice:

Please call us or stop by the shop if you have any questions.

Today's Cycling Tip

Here's How To Master the Mud - Riding in mud is neither recommended nor good for your bike, but sometimes the ride or weather conditions force you to become a muck master. Skinny tires (1.7-inches wide or less) or treads that are designed specifically for mud will help. On the ride, before things jam up, stop, find a small stick and clean the mud from around your tires, brakes, derailleurs, etc. Cornering in the mud can be treacherous. Maintain control by using a more upright position and by not placing too much outward force on the tires. On climbs, remain seated as much as possible to eliminate tire spin. And, when you get home, clean your rig and check your brake pads and chain, parts that wear rapidly on muddy rides (it's a good idea to keep some new brake pads on hand in case yours wear out). Also, if you live in an area where riding in the mud is frequent and permitted, equip your bike with disc brakes (or consider a new bike with discs), as these outperform rim brakes in the muck.