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Feature Items

  • Mavic Wheel Magnet

    The Wheel Magnet fits Mavic's flat aluminum Zicral spokes (up to 5.3mm) and regular models, too. Its steel screw is heat-treated and rustproof. The magnet is compatible… [more]

  • Arkel T-42 Panniers
    Product Rating
    2.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    K.I.S.- Keep It Simple! The resulting T-42 is a classic set of panniers, ideally suited for lighter, credit card touring or urban, all-around use. Made with the same… [more]

  • Sugoi Women's Firewall 220 Pant

    Sugoi's Women's Firewall 220 Pants deliver the ultimate in weather protection thanks to Sugoi's multi-layer, wind and waterproof Firewall 220 fabric with durable… [more]

  • GU GU Energy Gel

    GU Energy Gel keeps you on top of your game. These great-tasting gel packs thwart physical and mental fatigue and aid in recovery after any workout. Plus, the… [more]

  • Chariot Carriers X-Country Cargo Rack

    Chariot's X-Country Cargo Rack provides supplemental storage for Chariot's Cougar and Cheetah carriers (sold separately). It attaches and removes in seconds without… [more]

  • Shimano LP-R600 Generator Headlight

    The LP-R600 is a sleek and powerful LED head lamp designed for use with Shimano's 3.0W dynamo hubs. Generator lights are always there when you need them. [more]


All Your Cycling Needs Covered!

Come see our selection of cyclocross bicycles! Bring your bicycle into us for upgrades and repairs!
Check out our latest selection of mountain bikes! Feel the difference on a new road bicycle! Crush it all winter on a fat bike! Ride in comfort with these cycling accessories!

Today's Cycling Tip

"Now that I've got a new bike, what else do I need?" New-bike owners soon realize, after one or two rides, that certain items are more essential than they may have first thought. A helmet is a must, and if yours is more than three-years old it's heavier and hotter than it needs to be. A frame-mounted pump plus a seat pack with a patch kit, spare tube, and tire levers inside will allow you to take care of most any flat-tire problem you might encounter. You may also want to carry along a mini-tool to help with minor mechanical adjustments you might need to make. Cycling shorts, gloves and a jersey will help you feel more comfortable, especially on longer rides. And cycling shoes and a cleat-pedal system to match will increase your comfort and pedaling efficiency.